Tuesday, March 20, 2012

life drawings of an elder man

Life drawing today was so challenging! I seldom draw men, let alone an elder man, with plumpiness! But it was super fun, especially his gut.

This was a 2 minute drawing with the non-dominant hand! gah! that was hard!!

Charcoal was pretty fun and messy to draw with! But I'm still not that confident with it just yet... back to the mechanical pencils! lol oh i am so terrible with hands. i keep avoiding to draw them. bleeh.

awkward pose!

can't wait til the next life drawing class!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

shout out to Young Ha Kim

Introducing, Young Ha Kim!
Such a humble all rounder nice guy... and his art is AMAZING.
I went to his opening night for his exhibition the other day. Well...just see for yourself.

The drawings are based on people at a music gig. Each drawing depicts the rush and thrills of the music flowing through your inner souls while you're at a gig.
Bloody fantastic drawings they are.
You can still check these out! The exhibition is running til the 21st.

So darn inspired!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

drawing nekkid ladieeee!

I am feeling extremely ecstatic!
I've never ever done this sort of thing before so I was extremely very super nervous.
But now, I can't wait for next time!

Today, I went to a life drawing class. :D !!

I was probably very lucky too as the model was super attractive, and creative with her poses. The atmosphere was casual, lax, encouraging and motivating! Bottles of beer and glasses of wine sold for $2.00, and drawing materials provided. Perfect for a drawing session of a naked lady. ;)

This last one was a really big challenge for me as I am terribly terrible with perspectives and even more so with realistic objects and persons. But I'm quite proud of it :)
ack! i am definitely coming back next week! :B

Recently I went to the Little Deities Exhibition. Imagine, 60 individualised, personalised, crying little god babies on display. Pretty awesome. Check out my 2 buddies that were involved!

Awesome artist whom i've met recently. He is actually having an art exhibition opening this thursday! Check it out!

so damn inspired. gah!
<3 truccie