Tuesday, March 20, 2012

life drawings of an elder man

Life drawing today was so challenging! I seldom draw men, let alone an elder man, with plumpiness! But it was super fun, especially his gut.

This was a 2 minute drawing with the non-dominant hand! gah! that was hard!!

Charcoal was pretty fun and messy to draw with! But I'm still not that confident with it just yet... back to the mechanical pencils! lol oh i am so terrible with hands. i keep avoiding to draw them. bleeh.

awkward pose!

can't wait til the next life drawing class!!

1 comment:

  1. I have my drawing classes on Monday. The Monday from this week, we had a tall skinny lanky man. I didn't like drawing him. It was so difficult. His figure was like a woman's, yet he's a man! It messed with my head and confused me a lot D: Hence the no sharing on Facebook or Instagram!

    Also, you're really good!!