Monday, October 31, 2011

the other commissioned bday drawing

...and here is the other drawing I was meant to do a week ago!
Sorry it took me a while!
I've been so busy with my new job that is now full-time (non-arty related, yes nurse related, new job on the kids ward!!)
and went on a road trip to celebrate my best friend's birthday in Rye!
Those were just SOME major events for me in the last week.
It has been a roller coaster!

Back to the drawing, this was drawn for Jonathan's birthday, who loves Tony Tony Chopper from One Piece.
He happens to be one of my favourite anime character too!
Hope you like it!

Love, truccie

Friday, October 21, 2011

commissioned for a bday gift

Here is a commissioned drawing I did for a friend that will give to his friend for his birthday. Allan is enjoying his travels with his sweetheart, soccer and food that he cooked. I hope he likes it! There is another commissioned drawing to come... I will get around to it..eventually...hopefully!

I have also been really productive and did some editing for a manga and anime magazine called MANIME MAGAZINE (But after some serious shopping therapy though! - seriously works, if only for a bit). They are a new anime/manga magazine created by fans for fans. You'll hear heaps more about them soon. I am also working on their website. Be patient and its wonders will be illuminated to you guys very soon! I am super eager for their #3 issue which will be released very soon. exact date TBA. Just to tickle your fancy, check out Manime Magazine FB page

catch ya! but then awkwardly stumble afterwards...
love, truccie

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Voices whisper in the trees

This was painted for DeviantArt's children's illustrator group.
They do monthly topics (which really helps motivate me to keep drawing :P )
so for october the topic was Voices whisper in the trees.
I love everything Japanese. So their bonsai trees are my inspiration for the trees drawn here.
I love how they curve aesthetically.
I also love to make people laugh or smile. So to make this illustration ridiculous, (and with the help of my baby cousins) I've drawn animals that don't normally dwell on trees.
I wonder what they are talking about? What conspiring evil plans are they up to??
Poor mr elephant though, he is feeling very left out! Despite his ginormous ears, he can't hear a thing!
Hopefully he will find a way! But silly mr. elephant... you shouldn't eavesdrop anyways!

One another note, did anyone notice the moon yesterday? It was GINORMOUS and yellow and magical and beautiful........... *mesmerised*

Hope you all have a good rest of the weekend!
love, truccie

Friday, October 14, 2011

piggy's milk

Here is a commissioned drawing for mr.piggy's milk.
He likes to think he is a little buddha so then people could rub his belly,
or his shiny head.
But nevertheless, he has a hearty smile and is so peacefulx2
I hope you like it heo sua, my no.1 fan!
love, truccie

Friday, October 7, 2011

a twitching inspiration

I checked out the twitching exhibition yesterday and oh how inspired I was!
People close to me know that I am mad about 2 things.
Birds and macarons.
(mind you, I have not sunken my teeth into those crunchy yet soft sensual pieces of heaven for more than 3 weeks!!! SAD FACE!!).
To have an exhibition full of pretty pretty birdies was like, orgasmic for me.
OH so inspiring! Here are some few lovely works of Alex Louisa, Bec Winnel, Ken Taylor and Steve Cross:

I love this the most, the brush stokes of the acrylics meshed well with some watercolour drips then finalised with dark charcoal. Plus the girl is sexy. Oh, and I have a thing with top hats. HAHA!
I am doing excellently thank you very much sir bird! Speaking of birds, I am almost finishing Haruki Murakami's The wind-up bird chronicle. It's mind bonking is all I've gotta say.

Anyways, Peck you later

love, truccie

Thursday, October 6, 2011

prince charmer

This drawing was done as a request for an old mate of mine.
He isn't old as in wrinkles and greying balding hair, old as in we've known each other since when I used to be taller than him (ah good ol' early growth spurt)!
Peter is one who wishes that people would spend their monies on unicorns and rainbows. He also has a wacky idea that he is charming.
Let them dream right?
But in all seriousness, dreaming is a really good thing.
If we as creatures of the earth DONT dream, we all might as well be a dust particles.
Mindlessly floating into nothingness and eventually meeting our doom of the feather duster.

Heck! Even sperms have dreams.
Don't stop on dreaming. No matter how flamboyant.

love, truccie

The first post! and it begins...

It is currently 4:20am and I am not the least bit tired! I am just way too keen and excited because truccie's art will be blogged! Here, I will be posting my art, doodles, thoughts, aspirations, influences and admirations. Everything to do with truccie's art adventure, you will find here.
Yup, you heard me!
E V E R Y T H I N G!
From the cute to the ugly to the horrifyingly scary!

So raise your glasses everyone and CHEERS to truccie art's first blog post.
truccie art also has a facebook page. do you like?
truccie art has also been deviously deviant since 2004

Hope you will find some fun, smiles and laughs with my adventures of the truccie art blog.

Until then, stay dorkish, smart and awesome.

love, truccie