Friday, November 18, 2011

merry fairy dairy berry xmas 2011!!

I can't believe christmas is just around the corner.
And when Christmas is up and coming, so is my birthday... UUEEGH!

But that is ok. It means the holidays are coming for most people.
People need to lax out and rest! (Not nurses though, its a 24/7 job! But we sacrifice our holidays to care for your family. RESPECT OUR WORK kthnx. What was that about? let me explain, Victorian Nurses at the moment are trying to fight the silly government to not make changes that could harm our patients. But the public reckons we just want a pay rise. I just dont want to have up to 10 patients as opposed to the 4 I get now. I don't want to come into work for 3-4 hrs in the morning, knock off and come back again at night the same day. Nurses are nurses for a reason! We care for the PEOPLE. not the condition. But the Government wants nurses to take on more work, stress more and see patients as problems instead - Just so they could save a few bucks. Sorry, that's unfair. Our work is hard, but the community appreciates it, why can't you Ballieu? Anyways enough ramble on the nursing strike thats happening now ahaha!!)

Has anyone been to a burlesque show lately? I absolutely love their costumes. (<- this link shows where i got my reference image from. soooo prettyyyyyy!!)
If you notice, I really suck at hands. So instead of practising, I've hidden them behind astronomy and a sweet.

Unfortunately my printer couldnt scan the whole page... so I took a photo for interest as to how it looks on the page. My scanner loses a whole lot of colour too :( I also hate how i painted her cloak. bleegghh. just dont look at that ok? :P

I can't seem to find my palette... My room is in extreme mess you think I got robbed. So in consequence I used scrap paper as a palette. Bad idea! When paper gets wet, the paper fibres become loose, creates clumps and goes all over your brush and painting! lesson learnt!

Anyways! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas, Heaps of hugs and cuddles from me.
Love, Truccie


  1. A super early merry christmas to you too Truccie :)
    such a lovely painting, and detailed too! And I know what you mean about drawing hands, I fail at it too, and tend to just draw little stubs for hands LOL no fingers allowed! XD

    And I'm sorry to hear about the troubles you're dealing with with the nurse strike :( *fingers crossed* that a compromise will come about to settle all this. hang in there tiger! xx

  2. sweet painting! as for using paper as palette...if you can't find a palette it's better to use the lid of a plastic container instead :)