Tuesday, January 3, 2012

bring on 2012!

It's the new year! woo! Happy jolly new year to you all! yehay!! weehee!! yaahaa!! wahoo!!


That's cool. Bring it!
Because this year, I am going to soldier forward... with a few set of resoloutions!

Unlike Calvin, who is super awesome, created by super awesome Bill Watterson (my other hero!!), I'm not perfect and there are a few things that needs changing... (too many commas? too bad!)
This year I will:
  • be more art productive
  • keep my room clean
  • read more books
  • spend more time with family
  • work out and lose those darn extra kgs!
I think I am doing pretty well so far!
Here's the first doodle of the year!

This was inspired by Tessa & the Typecasts' song, "Painter".
Since I am a nurse at the forefront, I'm restricted in my creativity.
But that doesn't mean I will ever stop drawing/painting/creating.
I'll just have to make time for both...though I have been finding it difficult in recent years.
But 2012 is afterall, the end of the world and so I am going to try harder so that I would live with no regrets in my life.
One of my birthday gifts is a sketch book. This means I need to scribble and doodle heaps more!

I've also signed myself up to a lot of upcoming projects which I am very excited about!
I won't list them all as it would ruin the surprise but keep a watch eye!
Here's one of them...

I ACTUALLY cleaned and rearranged my room today! Its a new year, so I've revamped my room with an awesome new bookcase and side table. It's so roomy now! Let's see how long THAT would last though... hahaa

So I think I am doing a pretty good job so far for 2012! But as all new year resolutions go.. it dies. Just like how the world would on December 21st. haha!

Stop being so morbid.
Keep smiling guys! hope 2012 will be an awesome year for you all.
love, truccie.

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  1. Awesome. Glad Things are going well for you! I wish I could go see that gallery show.