Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Whew! I've been pretty busy these days! But I've also managed to procrastinate plenty...
But finally, I have finished a painting that is exclusive to an awesome upcoming event, STAGE FRIGHT that will be happening only a few weeks away!

Unfortunately I dont have a bigger scanner so this is just a photo quality... see the real thing on the day! psst...! It will also be available for auction! :O

haha ok enough plugging. Just a little about the picture... when i am alone, i can be a big scaredy-cat, i have low self esteem, i am shy and have no courage to do anything. But when i have my best mates with me, standing and fighting side by side with me, i am confident, courages, adventurous and a little crazy! We need our friends and family... because they give us strength... Even when you mostly want to be alone and try to fight the big bad monster alone... it is always better to have that load lifted off your shoulders... (or in this case, have a chicken on your head!)

I appreciate my friends and the support and love they give me everyday. You guys are the best!

Love, Truccie

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