Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mo diversity!

It is now the month of MOVEMBER, which means that this month is all about the MEN.

"Men men men men manly men men men"

(you sang along with me didn't ya?! of course you did! you wouldn't leave me all embarrassed! I wonder what the 2.5 Men show is like now without Charlie Sheen? mr. Kutcher, sorry but its just NOT the same anymore!! You belong in the 70's... But that's another topic to discuss)

In all seriousness now, silliness aside, men and women are not all that equal!
Sure, men may get better pay than us.
Sure, Men get praised for having sex with a lot of women but if it were reversed, women would be shunned and stoned to death. :O
Sure! Men are more valued than women in some cultures because they carry on the family name...
SURE! Men have a faster metabolism than women and so can burn fat more faster...
Thus, men don't put on weight as easily as women..
THUS, I.. i mean WOMEN, just cant eat all the sweets they would like as men do....


Statistics prove that life isnt actually that fair for men.
Their lives are shorter.
They suffer more with illnesses and diseases and cancer and suffering and pain...
They mostly die from things that are very very preventable!
Because men are silly of course.
They are a proud species, where they must keep the "weak" and "emotional" stuff inside themselves.
Don't be so proud.
BE A MAN! Look after yourselves.
Because we care and need you men :)

So that's what Movember is all about. To be a little silly and put on ridiculously good looking moustaches and spread the word that men CAN look after themselves a bit better. They just need a bit of a reminder.
Be MEN, man! I support you!

Now, moving on from the battle of the sexes, we arrive to DIVERSITY.
Here is a drawing, and some progresses leading up to it, celebrating our diversity in multicultural Australia.
Lets grow up together and celebrate our individuality, uniqueness and own quirkiness.

(This is actually drawn for the Whittlesea Art Competition as part of their celebrating diversity campaign...wish me luck!)

So, what have we learnt? That a 'stache actually looks good on the chicken. ;)
Support your fellow men and well, everyone! Because we all deserve it.
But men especially, because its MOVEMBER...

Love always, truccie!

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  1. Your drawings are always so full of character Truccie! :) freaking amazing work! and your mo`s are just so cute and dangly! XD

    All the best for the competition! :D yours is so colourful, it's bound to stand out :) xox